About Us

CareersIgnite.com aims at becoming the go-to-framework for career assessment and evaluation globally. At CareersIgnite.com we believe, every individual is born special and you need not get into the most important part of your life by chance. The tests staged at CareersIgnite.com are intended for all types of personalities at any point of their life; students, both school & college level and professionals.

The ‘Ignite’ Assessment provides a positive approach and a platform for understanding and marvelling individual differences.

Career Dreams

Our long term goal is to transform the way people work together. A focused career choice contributes to a better society where everyone is doing what they love to do. Our model is designed in such a way that the registrant who takes up a test with us gets additional guidance from a verified career counsellor. The test and insights from the counsellor enhance personal development, conflicts in career management, career change and transitions. There is not sound understanding across the student – parent community that thought, people share the same interests their personalities do/ may vary to a very large extent. Hence our tests provide space for people to identify and discuss interpersonal differences, making our test the preferred choice for building one’s career, for developing and progress across the globe.

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