Career guidance online and Online career counselling

Online Career Counselling

What is Online career Counselling?

Online career Counselling is a thorough, evaluation program designed to help an individual in creating and executing knowledgeable educational and career choices with the help of online career counselling and Guidance, Career Tests, Online Courses. Career Counselling will help an individual in developing competencies in career planning, occupational and educational exploration, and self-knowledge.

Why One has to Go for Online Career Guidance?

  • Easy Access through Internet :

The internet helps students of all age to acquire new knowledge and polish their talents. Thus, it is easy to share useful information and make counsellors accessible to all the students with online career guidance.

  • Interaction with Career Experts in Personal Comfort :

Online career counsellors are experts in fields that they more than a decade of experience,  have deep knowledge of respective subjects. they can guide the candidate’s related courses and colleges and help extract the inherent talent of a candidate.

  • Career Test from any Location :

With online career guidance, the candidate can take Career Test from any Location does not require to travel huge distances and can take the test from a location of their choice. These results are also made available online to the candidates.

How the Online Career Counselling with Works?

Career guidance online and Online career counselling

Career guidance online and Online career counselling

How is Online Career Counselling is key to the Delivery of Technical-Vocational Education?

Online career Counselling will help the individuals get the skills, knowledge, and experience that is needed to, know options, explore alternatives and to get success in the society. Here are a few kinds of Online Career Counsellings that will help the individuals prepare for the changing workplace of this era by:

  • Broadening knowledge, skills, and abilities
  • Increasing self-esteem and motivation
  • Improving decision-making skills
  • Promoting effective job placement
  • Maximizing career opportunities
  • Improving employment marketability and opportunities
  • Building interpersonal effectiveness
  • Strengthening employer relations
  • Teaching labor market changes and complexity of the workplace

Who can get benefit from Career guidance online?

With Career guidance online each and every person can benefit like employers, male and female, adult and youth, teachers, disabled, minorities, dropouts, single parents, parents, administrators, displaced homemakers, disadvantaged, limited English proficient, and incarcerated.

How is Online Counselling being offered?

One can get online Counselling everywhere in Technical institutes, primary and secondary high schools, colleges, universities, technical institutes, career resource centers, elementary, human services agencies, community-based organizations, career resource centers, skill clinics, placement services, and correctional facilities.

The key elements of successful Online Counselling Programs

  • Responsibility (outcome oriented) and program development (based on results of outcome/process evaluations).
  • Qualified leadership
  • A planned series of experiences and activities to attain certain competencies like goal settings, self-appraisal, career planning and decision making.
  • Productive management has to support comprehensive career guidance programs.
  • A good team will come where certified counselors are central to the program
  • Strong professional growth activities such that counselors can regularly upgrade their professional skills and knowledge.
  • Adequate resources, materials, and facilities.
  • Various sources to deliver the program like Counselling, job placement and program, outreach, assessment, outreach, curriculum, follow-up, referral, and consultation.

How does the Carl D. Perkins Applied Technology and Vocational Education Act highlight about Online Career Counselling Programs?

  • Guarantees qualified supervision and leadership.
  • Persistent expenditures for program support.
  • Promotes retraining and counselor training
  • Guarantees program effectiveness and quality
  • Requires activities for special populations and career development
  • Strengthens tech prep programs through placement, recruitment, and retention
  • Motivating elimination of stereotyping and sex bias
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