Agricultural Engineering – College, Courses, Eligibility, Jobs, Salary in India

Agricultural Engineering

College, Courses, Eligibility, Jobs, Salary in India

Agricultural Engineering is a study of engineering science disciplines and technology practices for the efficient production and processing of food, feed, fiber and fuels. Here the knowledge of agriculture principles gets combined with the disciplines of animal biology, plant biology and also the principles of Mechanical, Civil, Electrical and Chemical Engineering.
This course is a combination of the principles of animal biology, plant biology, mechanical, civil, electrical and chemical engineering.
Agriculture Engineering is a technologically sophisticated field that offers bright career prospects and opportunity in any country around the world and also in various sectors.
• 10+2 Science with Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics or Biology is mandatory.
• The entrance examinations are conducted for the admission for B.E./B.Tech course in agricultural engineering. Some colleges consider the marks obtained in 10+2 qualifying examination as well, for selection into these courses.
• M.E./M.Tech programs can be pursued if the individual has completed B.E./B.Tech in the same discipline. Moreover, they don’t need to qualify for the GATE as well.
Path 1:
• Std XII - Stream Sc PCM
• Entrance Exam - ICAR or JEE*
• B.Tech - Agricultural Engg 4yrs
• Exam & Post - GATE M.Tech
• Goal - Agricultural Engg
Best Agricultural Engineering Colleges in India:
• Agricultural Engineering College & Research Institute, Tiruchirappalli
• Indian Institute of Technology (IIT Delhi), New Delhi
• Indian Institute of Technology (IIT Kharagpur), Kharagpur
• RVS Educational Trusts Group of Institutions , Dindigul
• Department of Hydrology - Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee
• College of Agricultural Engineering & Post-Harvest (CAEPHT), Gangtok
• Vision Institute of Technology (VIT), Kanpur
• Gautam Buddh Technical University, Lucknow
Best Agricultural Engineering Colleges in Karnataka:
• University Visvesvaraya College of Engineering (UVCE), Bangalore
• College of Agricultural Engineering, Raichur
• Sampoorna Group of Institutions
• R. V. College of Engineering
• BMS College of Engineering
• Sampoorna Group of Institutions
• Government Engineering College
• Agricultural Engineering Crop Physiology
• Department Of Agricultural Engineering
• University of Agricultural Sciences
• University Of Agricultural Science
• Acharya Institutes

Companies hiring Agricultural Engineers

• Damco Solutions
• Caterpillar
• Ga. Dept. of Natural Resources
• The Dow Chemical Company
• Ford Motor Company
• Bowery Farming
• Honeywell
• Exponent


For UG:
• Maximum Fees: 9.12 Lakhs
• Minimum Fees: 0.144 Lakhs

For PG:
• Maximum Fees: 12.5 Lakhs
• Minimum Fees: 0.108 Lakhs


Agricultural Engineering career salaries are quite high as in the salary of other disciplines of engineering. Agricultural Engineering fresher jobs fetch you salary between Rs 10,000 and Rs 15,000 per month. If you manage to gain some skill and experience you can also earn more or less Rs 35,000 per month within a few years.

Syllabus of Agricultural Engineering:

Syllabus of Agricultural Engineering as prescribed by various Universities and Colleges:
First Year (Sem. I)
Theory -
1 Language (professional Comm. in English)
2 Engineering Chemistry
3 Engineering Physics I
4 Mathematics I
5 Engineering Mechanics
6 Basic Electrical Engineering
Practical/Drawing/Design -
7 Chemistry/Physics Lab. (to be taken in alternate weeks)
8 Engineering Mechanics/Electrical Laboratory
9 Engineering Graphic I
10 Workshop Practice I

First Year (Sem. II)
Theory -
1 Introduction to Computing
2 Environment and Ecology
3 Engineering Physics II
4 Mathematics II
5 Engineering Thermodynamics
6 Basic Electronics
Practical/Drawing/Design -
7 Basic Electronics Lab
8 Computer Programming Lab
9 Engineering Graphics II (M/C Drawing)
10 Workshop Practice II

Second Year (Sem. III)
Theory -
1 Numerical Analysis & Computer Programming (C, C++)
2 Material Science
3 Strength of Materials
4 Fluid Mechanics
5 Soil Science
6 Mathematics III
Practical/Drawing/Design -
7 Fluid Mechanics
8 Strength of Materials/Material Science
9 Computer Programming
10 Soil Science Lab

Second Year (Sem. IV)
Theory -
1 Hydrology
2 Soil Mechanics
3 I.C. Engines
4 Kinematics and Dynamics
5 Electrical Machines
6 Crop Production
Practical/Drawing/Design -
7 Hydrology
8 I.C. Engines
9 Kinematics and Dynamics
10 Electrical Machines

Third Year (Sem. V)
Theory -
1 Management Science
2 Surveying and Levelling
3 Agriculture Engineering Structures & Rural Engineering
4 Post-Harvest Engineering
5 Soil and Water Conservation Engineering
6 Building Materials and Structural Design
Practical/Drawing/Design -
7 Surveying & Levelling
8 Agriculture Engineering Structures and Rural Engineering
9 Post-Harvest Engineering
10 Building Materials and Structural Design

Third Year (Sem. VI)
Theory -
1 Pumps Engineering & Hydraulic Control
2 Ground Water and Well Engineering
3 Irrigation Engineering
4 Farm Machinery
5 Refrigeration and Air-conditioning
6 Machine Design
Practical/Drawing/Design -
7 Pumps Engineering & Hydraulic Control
8 Farm Machinery / Irrigation Engineering
9 Ground Water and Well Engineering
10 Refrigeration and Air-conditioning

Fourth Year (Sem. VII)
Theory -
1 Agriculture and Environment Engineering
2 Tractors and Power Units
3 Dairy and Food Processing Operations
4 Open Elective
5 Profession Elective I
Practical/Drawing/Design -
6 Agriculture and Environment Engineering
7 Tractors and Power Units
8 Dairy and Food Processing Operations
9 Project I

Fourth Year (Sem. VIII)
Theory -
1 Drainage Engineering
2 Food Products and Process Technology
3 Instrumentation and Control Engineering in Agriculture
4 Professional Elective II
5 Professional Elective III
Practical/Drawing/Design - 6 Project I
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