Career Counselling in Gk Naidu High School bangalore

At, our goal is to transform the way people choose their career by keeping their focus on their interest and passion. We provide career assessment program and evaluation which is India’s most comprehensive assessment test to date.

 we at, organized an exciting workshop at GK Naidu High School with our team for the students of Grade 10.

It was a 2 ½ hour workshop, which was divided into two sections. In the first half of the session memory training was taken up. And the other half was dedicated to teaching them study skills which would help them to conquer the upcoming exams. There were plenty of activities carried out to keep the session an interactive one.

Finally, they were briefed on the various career paths available to them and how we at strive to give them the best support. In order to make them understand the importance of knowing one’s interests and choosing a career path based on that, they were given materials from our kit, which would assist them in their journey.

It was an initiative by us, to move them from good to great and to help them make an informed decision. The students enjoyed the workshop and at the same time took back a lot of memories and useful information to turn their mental blocks into building blocks.

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